Shannon came to speak at one of our monthly events and was brilliant. She was engaging and funny but really able give the audience something tangible they could take and apply in real life. While her speech was peppered with nuggets that had us all thinking and talking for days, it was simple and concrete in how to effect real, lasting positive change for yourself.
— – Vanessa Mccauley, Founder

Sample Keynote Topics

1. Build A Platform Not A Pedestal - Cultivating relationships in both our professional and personal lives is an essential key to growth and fulfillment, yet many people do not make this a priority. I’ll talk about why traditional networking doesn’t work, and what to do instead, in order to connect with people, build a strong network of support, and use these relationships to achieve your goals.

2. How Striving For More is Holding You Back - Balancing ambitious drive with self-care and support is essential to creating a sustainable and fulfilling career, but work/life balance continues to be an elusive myth that no one really understands. Learn about the common mistakes women make when working towards their goals, why perfectionism is the enemy, and what can happen when you write your own rules.

3. Lifestyle Design – Creating a Life & Career You Love - By 2020, half of the U.S. workers will be freelancers. Entrepreneurship is more popular than ever before because the old rules about success at work no longer apply. Learn about the people who are choosing an entrepreneurial path and ways you can engage and retain the new millennial workforce.