Why you should hire a professional emcee?

Planning events can be stressful. Hiring a professional emcee is a great way to support your logistical plan while lightening the mood, keeping the audience engaged and entertained. 

As an emcee, Shannon will:

  • Set a professional and energetic tone

  • Deliver your planned remarks with added humor

  • Keep your event running on time

  • Engage with the audience to keep energy up

We really needed a second emcee that wasn’t afraid to roll with kinks of being a new organization and event. Since our event revolves around fashion we also needed someone who had knowledge and understanding on how a fashion show flows. Shannon not only brought her amazing sense of style and grace but was organized and prepared. Shannon really knew how to maneuver any changes and did so without even batting and eye. We truly enjoyed Shannon and we truly believe she helped elevate our event and our organization. It’s our sincere hope that we can get her to come back every year.
— -Jackson Scott- Co-Director of Runway2Life