My Interview With My Brother (Christian Siriano!)


Last November, my little brother, Christian Siriano, did me a huge solid and agreed to be a keynote speaker at the inaugural Rebelle Con, an event I planned with a group of absolutely amazing local business owners.

He also sat down with me for a behind-the-scenes interview, where he let me pick his brain about running a successful company. This was so fun because we literally NEVER talk business, so I was jazzed to have an excuse to talk to him the same way I talk to all entrepreneurs about their struggles, their successes and the advice they have for those working towards their big scary entrepreneurial drams.

He shared his thoughts on all the ins-and-outs of business ownership, including how to strike a work/life balance, knowing where your boundaries are, and the benefits of collaboration. 

Want to see his advice for other young entrepreneurs? Check out the full interview below!