2 Things I Have Learned This Summer


Happy summer, y'all!
I am dropping in today to share two of the most recent Aha! moments I have experienced this summer.
A lesson from a success:
Ask and you shall receive (or maybe you won’t, but it still doesn’t hurt to ask!)
One of my team members suggested that we try to get Michelle Cordeiro Grant, the founder and CEO of LIVELY, a fast growing women’s intimate apparel business, to come to and speak at Rebelle Con this fall. She is a truly inspiring founder looking to disrupt the women’s intimate industry by competing with companies like Victorias Secret (who sell women underwear that your husband would want you to wear) and flip the script to make underwear that WOMEN want to wear. She won Shopify’s Build a Bigger Business competition that landed her a mentorship with Tony Robbins, and has raised over 8.5 million for her startup. You can read her profile in Pop Sugar here.
I don’t know anyone at Lively, so I did the only thing I could think of and emailed their generic customer service contact on their website. I heard back from their PR gal who was interested and then I followed up. I followed up 6 times!! Not in an annoying way, in a “I know you are busy, but we really really really want you to be here" kind of way. I asked for what I wanted and...it is happening!
A lesson from a struggle:
Hi my name is Shannon and I make things more complicated than they need to be.
Do you do this, too? I am naturally a problem solver, so having a complex problem gets me all kinds of worked up. Unfortunately, this means I create complex problems when there really are very simple ones.
I will be completely candid that the past few months I have been feeling stagnant in my coaching business. With all the excitement surrounding Rebelle Con and the launch of new side projects, I have neglected to focus on my core offering: my business coaching packages. I had been lamenting that I need to “burn it all down” and start over. I need new packages, new branding, and new, well, everything!
I finally can see clearly what I have been doing. I am creating drama where it doesn’t need to be. I LOVE my clients and seeing them succeed makes my heart skip a beat. I know the structure that works best for people who need traditional coaching and I know that some people do not need all that support.
For that reason, starting this month, I am booking individual sessions ($250 for a one hour session) It is just that simple.
This is perfect for so many reasons (here are just four):

  1. I love a good brainstorming session. My favorite thing is to work through a specific area like: reviewing a marketing plan, creating a marketing plan, tweaking a service package, creating a high level strategic plan, or answering the question “what do I do now?”
  2. So many people just need an hour with someone who isn’t so close to their business. There are so many ideas floating around in their heads, and saying them out loud can provide instant clarity.
  3. Sometimes you just need someone to give you a boost of energy to get refocused on what you are doing! (Speaking from experience!)
  4. This gives me an easy way to check-in with some of my most favorite clients who I haven’t’ seen in a while. Miss you. Love you. Mean it!

My suggestion to you if you are making things really complicated, is STOP immediately!!!

If you are interested in booking an individual session, click here.