2 Of My Favorite Ways To Be More Boss

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In a conversation I recently had with a group of fellow Boss Babes, I noticed that a few topics kept coming up. When that happens, I usually recognize that it is a lesson that I need to learn, and therefore others probably need to learn it as well. 

1.) Set really great boundaries.

When you start becoming more successful, it is only natural that your focus will be on a thousand different things at once. Couple that with people asking for your time, input, or energy, and it is easy to get burned out. 

It can be hard to say no to others when you are a person who likes to work with and for other people, but by saying no and protecting your energy, you ensure that you will have the ability to serve yourself and others further down the line.

2. Let other people help you.

If you're a control freak, it can be hard to accept help. But how many situations have you taken over that could just as easily be managed by someone else?

You don't have to be the boss on every single thing that comes up. I adopted a personal practice of shutting up and letting others take care of things. They may do things differently than I would, and they may even mess up, but everyone will grow in the end.


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