4 Myths That Were Debunked at Rebelle Con


This past weekend, I hosted my first conference, Rebelle Con. It feels weird to type that sentence.
I have so much to share about the experience and how it parallels the journey of starting a business, but that is for another post.
For today, I wanted to share with you some of the myths I realized are circulating in my circles. These things are simply NOT TRUE and the talks from this weekend reminded me that when we find the truth, everything changes.
#1 – There is a formula to follow in order to be “successful”. FALSE.
There is no secret we need to learn, some special handshake or password that gets us in the successful-people club. It simply does not exist. Until we define our own version of success, and then get brave enough to start designing our life around this vision, will we ever find fulfillment.
#2 – Everyone knows what we know and then some. FALSE.  
We all come to the table with knowledge and experience and perspective that is truly unique to us. We need to realize that all of these things are really valuable. Everyone is still learning and growing. Things that I have learned this past year are completely new (and often mind-blowing) to other people. Don’t assume that anyone knows anything and at the same time, remember that what you know right now is valuable to someone else.
#3 – The things that come naturally to us are just as easy for others. FALSE.
This is so important! It came up multiple times over the weekend. So often we don’t value our gifts because we assume they are not unique. Similar to thinking everyone knows what you know. Everyone CANNOT do the things you can do. That is awesome.
#4 – Once your business is making lots of money, then you can start taking care of yourself. FALSE.
Taking care of you MUST come first. YOU are the thing that needs investment. One of our presenters, Racheal Cook, said that you have to consider your self care practice, the same as making a deposit in a savings account. I could not agree more. Those little deposits made each and every day have the most incredible compounding interest! You cannot have a successful business without having a successful you.
Thank you to all who contributed to making Rebelle Con a reality. And thank you to those of you who attended and made the event what I had in my heart that I wanted it to be.