“Lifestyle Design”is something that I have been truly passionate about since my battle with postpartum depression. Before my depression, I was a work work work, hustle hustle hustle, bring on all the projects all the time, no need for downtime or rest or delegation.

I was working a full time job, launching and operating a “successful” boutique fitness business on the side, and completely ignoring my friends, my family, and most importantly myself. I thought working REALLY hard all the time was how one became successful.

It was not until I LITERALLY couldn’t do it anymore (my brain and my body was shutting it down) that I started searching for another way.

I hit the reset button, quit my job, sold my business, and hired a whole bunch of people, from a therapist to an energy healer to a business and life coach to help me figure it all out.

While working on myself, I started helping others. I started a national coaching business, working with small business owners to help them build better businesses. I joined a local networking group and grew it from 100 members to over 4,000 and launched my interview series, What Does It Take? where I got to interview inspirational business owners about their journey.

Then I started Rebelle! I realized that what I was missing was a COMMUNITY. I needed to be surrounded by people who wanted me to succeed. I created Rebelle for myself to provide a way to connect with interesting and interested women who I could support and have them do the same for me. It turns out, I was not alone. Rebelle is growing with chapters popping up across the country and I could not be more grateful for this journey.