A recovering workaholic, serial entrepreneur, and mom of two little dudes, I am proud to help people come together, to share their experience, and encourage one another to live a truly fulfilled life. 

Through our boutique conference experience and in-person community of women, I help people like you connect with a supportive community and define and create your own version of success.


Why do I do this?

“Lifestyle Design”is something that I have been truly passionate about since my battle with postpartum depression. Before my depression, I was a work work work, hustle hustle hustle, bring on all the projects all the time, no need for downtime or rest or delegation.

I was working a full time job, launching and operating a “successful” boutique fitness business on the side, and completely ignoring my friends, my family, and most importantly myself. I thought working REALLY hard all the time was how one became successful.

It was not until I LITERALLY couldn’t do it anymore (my brain and my body was shutting it down) that I started searching for another way. I found people who were doing things differently, making their own schedules, doing work that they love, building businesses around their own unique skill sets, educating people about things they are passionate about, connecting, collaborating, protecting their time, and prioritizing their own development, health and happiness.

They were basically aliens from another planet as far as I was concerned.

I hit the reset button, quit my job, sold my business, and hired a whole bunch of people, from a therapist to an energy healer to a business and life coach to help me figure it all out.

While working on myself, I started helping others. I started a national coaching business, working with small business owners to help them build better businesses. I joined a local networking group and grew it from 100 members to over 4,000 and launched my interview series, What Does It Take? where I got to interview inspirational business owners about their journey.


I wanted to learn more about building a supportive business, but also about putting my personal needs and desires first. Once I defined what it is like to truly live a fulfilled life (on my own terms), then I could look at how my work can support this endeavor.

This inspired me to start Rebelle Con and the Rebelle Community.

What I hope you walk away with after attending one of our events are new ideas on how you can put yourself first. I want you to have real goals (from inside, not from outside) for how you want to live, work, create, and feel in this one precious life. I want you to forget about anyone else’s definition of success. I want you to Rebelle.