Building community is about creating connection and a sense of belonging. These are human needs that are often neglected in today’s world.
— Shannon Siriano Greenwood

rebelle con

As the creator of Rebelle Con, a boutique conference experience, and the Rebelle Community, an organization that connects women to inspire and learn from one another, I know first hand the power of community.

Surrounding yourself with supportive, innovative, and inspired people will help you to be the same.

We host local events every month and conferences twice a year, highlighting the voices of inspirational leaders, learning from one-another, and pulling the curtain back on what “success” really looks like.



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Only my 3rd grade teacher could have predicted that I would make a career out of having inspired conversations.

I have made it my job to talk with inspirational people and keep the crowd entertained.

Whether you attend one of my events or book me to host yours, I bring my full self to each and every event.


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